What to use each social media channel for?

Continuing on our previous post on Getting started with social media for businesses, this post aims at helping you understand what to use the most common social media channels for. Each social media channel is specific in its audience and what is best to be done in there. So read this post carefully, look at the helping images and we’re sure you’ll be using your social network much better from now on!


Everyone’s on Facebook. Individuals and business. Our family, friends, acquaintances but also our favorite stores and celebrities. We Like pages and pictures, we comment, we post parts of our personal life. We engage on a variety of levels inside Facebook.

With more than 1,110,000,000 active Facebook users and 48% of 18-34 year old’s who check Facebook when they wake up, we can definitely say we find all kinds of audience on this network. Definitely, no matter what business you’re in, don’t miss being present and active on Facebook.

Facebook users are looking for tiny more personal content, funny stories, useful and interesting content. Do share this kind of news and stories when on Facebook. You can best achieve this through basically anything from text, photos or videos. Balance funny with serious, informative with asking for opinions and you’ll eventually use this network at its best for your business – be it B2B, B2C or not-for-profit.


Google+ is the second largest social network, surpassing Twitter in number of users since the last quarter of 2012. It is mainly used by men and students and by software developers. Users share all kind of contents – from news, photos, videos, personal and professional things that interest them. One cannot say Google+is a specialized network nor that it has a certain tone of voice or specific requirements.

Google+ being a Google product is very much believed to help businesses increase their search results. So being present on Google+ as a business or as an individual will increase your showing up in higher positions on Google searches.


Twitter is the social network with the highest emphasis on being extremely interesting while being concise and to the point. Its use is to share news, facts, happenings that have a really short “life span”. Twitter can be called the “real time” social channel, the place to share information as it happens. It’s also the network used to connect with people in real time, often resulting in collaborations and friendships.

Twitter is mostly used on mobile phones, by a young audience looking for new, original or curated content. It is less used for B2B.

The reasons to use Twitter vary from staying on top of the news, asking questions to find answers, messaging and virtual interaction. Twitter tough comes as an all or nothing channel. You either use it intensively (it can get easily addictive) or you abandon it shortly and remember it from times to times. The second option won’t work for taking any advantages as a business from Twitter.


If Google+ is mainly used by men, Pinterest is THE social network for women, fashion, foods, crafts, quotes – anything related to visual content that is interesting enough to be shared. Images have a great power and this channel is a must-have for any business that can promote itself through pictures – photography, handmade, beauty, fashion, weddings and so on.

Pinterest is definitely a social channel to use for a B2C purpose, the boards with attractive content being easily spreadable to a large audience. They are also easy to share and catchy. You can read here 3 concrete strategies on how to use Pinterest to expand your business.


LinkedIn is, above all, a professional channel. You find in here people that want to position themselves as professionals, and they are looking for business opportunities. It is one of the main channels where companies look for when recruiting. A person’s profile on LinkedIn contains almost all the information a CV has.

Definitely – as an individual you must be on LinkedIn in order to be easily found by anyone wanting to get in touch with you for business reasons or invitations. As a business, you also must be on this platform if you have as an audience business persons. Business persons that have some degree of influence on their company and can become easily leads to your business…it’s hard to think of a business that couldn’t use to position itself on this platform.

As a company, you can set up a company page that individuals can follow. But also, you can have “voices” (employees) that will engage in conversations across groups of interest on LinkedIn and therefore promote your business. If you want to get business leads, then definitely this is a social channel that you simply must be on.


Started on iOS, now is available on Android too – Instagram is a phenomenon in social media, as its boom was high in a very short period of time. Instagram combines photo-sharing with social sharing, being very similar to Twitter. Only that instead of text, you share pictures with a short comment that allows hash tags for a better search. What did also lead to this success was also the ability to edit the photos ones is sharing – allowing all the users to become little artists and get engaged with their friends.

Photos will definitely become one of the major sharing functions, if it isn’t there yet. Businesses should definitely take advantage of this huge potential that lies in photo sharing and Instagram. Photos are a way of communication, and businesses that can showcase pictures of their products, people and behind the scenes happening are definitely tapping into this opportunity.

As we have seen, text is most efficient accompanied by interesting graphics – images, photos, infographics. But what about video?

Video sharing networks

As you can see, video sharing social channels do not show up among the top 6 social media channels. This definitely doesn’t mean they are not important. On the contrary, video sharing platforms sustain a lot networks such as Facebook or Google+, as they provide interesting/funny/informative videos that are very much engaging. So use them wisely too! And definitely take advantage of them!